The Real Meaning of “Make in Nepal” Swadeshi Logo- Explained

"Does your business really need Swadeshi Logo?" "What does this logo stand for?" - These are some common questions among Nepali bands. But what exactly is SWADESHI LOGO and its meaning? 

We will answer all these questions in a detailed form through this blog.


What is Swadeshi?

Swadeshi is made up of Sanskrit words: swa ("self" or "own") and desh ("country"), meaning belonging to one's native country. Swadeshi Abhiyaan/ Movement is a part of the Make In Nepal campaign. The Movement/Abhiyan was jointly launched by the Government of Nepal and Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) to create a national climate that promotes domestic industrial production. In addition, the movement strives to enhance the competitiveness of local companies/industries and stimulate demand for Nepali goods and services.

The Make in Nepal — Swadeshi Movement is a multi-year campaign devoted to creating an atmosphere for industrial promotion. The Swadeshi movement specifically focuses on two aspects- first, bringing premium quality Nepali products among the Nepali consumers, and second, promoting consumption of quality domestic goods whilst encouraging the production of locally produced goods and services. Various brands from manufacturing, commercial agriculture, hydropower, tourism and hospital, ICT, logistics, construction, financial and insurance services, medical services, pharmaceuticals, and handicrafts industry have joined the Swadeshi movement.


What does Swadeshi Logo Stand For?

The Image form of Swadeshi's logo comprises three colors: royal blue, pure white, and blazing red, colors from our Nepali flag. On a blue background, written in white, "Swadeshi" and its motto "Our Product, Our Pride" are kept. The logo also comprises a red one-horned rhinoceros, one of Nepal's endangered animals, symbolizing durability. The latent intention to put Rhinos's image is to ensure Swadeshi's motive to change the perception of Nepali products not being durable. Going for the surfacial view, the logo's outline is a combination of a triangle and circle. The circle represents the inclusion of brands of any category and located in any place in Nepal. The triangle represents change, the positive change necessary for growing the country. All in all, the logo attests to the authenticity and standard of quality of goods and services produced in Nepal.

Talking about the video form of the Swadeshi logo, it consists of red sky in early dusk, symbolizing the start of the prosperous economic growth of Nepal. Below the sky, you can see the silhouettes of every geographical region, symbolizing each region as the treasure for economic prosperity. The Himalayan area is a tourism treasure trove; the Hilly region is home to unique herbs, wood, flora, animals, and cultural diversity; and the Terai, Granary of Nepal and home to rural and ethnic cultures.


You can see a strong Rhino, which symbolizes Swadeshi as a strong platform to make Nepal prosperous. Rhino's slow yet steady movement demonstrates that Swadeshi, via small but continuous efforts, is bringing Nepali brands together to bring economic independence to Nepal.



What do the logo owners endorse?

Having a Swadeshi Logo entails becoming an active yet responsible Swadeshi Member to enhance your company's overall worth. Furthermore, brands/companies that use the Swadeshi logo express a strong commitment to fair trade and ethical business practices. Following the acquisition of the logo, companies must maintain high quality in all of their products and services. These companies must ensure that their products improve people's lives while the manufacturing process is equally environmentally-friendly. The logo owners also hold the responsibility to activate and participate in Nepalese business environment awareness.



Why earn the Swadeshi logo?

If you are looking for a reliable platform to promote your "Made in Nepal" products, no other platform is more useful than Swadeshi. Swadeshi is a reliable marketing platform helping Nepali companies to promote their domestically locally produced products carrying "Nepaliness." Since the Nepal government supports Swadeshi, the member companies of Swadeshi will enjoy numerous advantages to your business.


Get registered at Swadeshi, be a proud Swadeshi, and contribute to making Nepal economically independent.


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