Frequently Asked Questions

Make in Nepal - Swadeshi Abhiyan is a multi-year campaign based on public-private collaboration to create a national climate that stimulates domestic industrial promotion, enhances competitiveness of local firms and stimulates demand for Nepali goods and services. SWADESHI is an utmost important part of Make in Nepal Abhiyan launched by the Confederation of Nepalese Industries. The Abhiyan aims to boost demand for Nepal manufactured goods and services within and outside Nepal. The core initiative to achieve the goals of the Swadeshi Abhiyan is making Nepali goods and services more attractive to domestic consumers.

Swadeshi movement is a part of 'Make in Nepal' campaign.

They are Creating a Business-friendly Climate for Nepali Industries, Selected Import Substitution, Capital Expenditure in Infrastructure, Modernizing the Nepali Service Sector, Consumption of Swadeshi Goods and Services among Nepalis, Prioritizing Consumption of Swadeshi Goods by Government, and Foreign Markets for Swadeshi Goods. 

Swadeshi movement represents domestic products, instills a sense of pride, belonging, nationalism & empowers every Nepali to contribute to Nepali make best in class.

Swadeshi movement has been endorsed by the Government of Nepal, which will be promoted by all Prominent Influencers through Media Vehicles and Assets at Local Level, and also partnering with different associations.

Express your interest to join, and the Swadeshi team will contact you for more details to take the registration process forward.

Swadeshi only partners with businesses that are committed to maintain minimal quality standards.

Swadeshi movement aims to register 1000 industries with Department of Industries (DoI) every year, significantly increase the industrial share in GDP in 10 years duration, create 150,000 industrial jobs annually, and achieve exports worth from USD 1.25 billion to USD 4.6 billion in 5 years.

Businesses that are not registered in the Department of Industries, Department of Small and Cottage Industries, or equivalent.

Swadeshi movement is an initiative of CNI, that has been working towards empowering domestic manufacturers and improving their standards of living.