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One Identity to Unite & Empower our Industries in the Nation Building

हाम्रो सामान, हाम्रै स्वाभिमान

One Platform that will create opportunities infinite


Make in Nepal - Swadeshi Abhiyan is a multi-year campaign based on public-private collaboration to create a national climate that stimulates domestic industrial promotion, enhances competitiveness of local firms and stimulates demand for Nepali goods and services. SWADESHI is an utmost important part of Make in Nepal Abhiyan launched by the Confederation of Nepalese Industries. The Abhiyan aims to boost demand for Nepal manufactured goods and services within and outside Nepal. The core initiative to achieve the goals of the Swadeshi Abhiyan is making Nepali goods and services more attractive to domestic consumers.

The core objectives of the movement are :

  • To register 1000 industries with Department of Industries (DOI) annually
  • To increase industrial share in GDP (as per Sustainable Development Goal 9) to 22% by 2025 & 25% by 2030
  • To create 150,000 industrial jobs annually
  • To achieve exports worth from USD 1.25 billion to USD 4.6 billion in 5 years


‘Swadeshi’ is a movement to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property & build best in class manufacturing infrastructure in Nepal.
  • Be Nepali, Buy Nepali
  • Special preference during purchase amongst Swadeshi members
  • Sign of Environmental Conscious
  • Make in Nepal
  • Sign of Quality
  • Sign of Value Addition in Nepal
  • Encourage Nepali manufacturing
  • Sign of Ethical Business Practice
  • Visibility in media, website etc
  • Special preference in Government purchase
  • Sign of Fair Trade
  • Access to direct contact of Swadeshi members
  • Seperate section for Swadeshi members in modern tradde for products display.
  • Great Marketing Tool
  • Special facilities by the Government


Wide range of categories ranging from Agri to IT


Swadeshi empowers agro based industry and its derivatives


Swadeshi supports all kinds of indigenous art and craft reflecting nepali culture

Building Materials

Empower your construction based business network with swadeshi ecosystem

Consumer Goods

Ensure quality along with national productivity with the trademark

Other Manufacturing Goods

Reach out the local brands and products with the coverage the movement provides

Clothing & Garments

Swadeshi Ensure make in Nepal motto for all clothing products of Nepal

Infra Projects

Use the swadeshi network to produce in Nepal using the wide coverage of the movement

Travel & Hospitality

Grow your hospitality business with quality assured with the brand network

Financial & Insurance Services

Swadeshi opens portal for all kinds of financial and insurance services

Information Technology

Get infinite benefits in the technology field using the swadeshi ecosystem


Swadeshi Contributes to all energy sectors ranging from hydro to solar energy


Empower all kind of local and global service sectors with the swadeshi network


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