5 Criteria To Become Swadeshi’s Initiator of Change

Initiators of Change (IoC) are individuals or brands who start things moving, take action, encourage the system to react, and are finally bright about positive change in society and nation. In addition, IoCs are the ones who are always looking for ways to improve things, finding areas of need, developing a better vision for work, and advocating the project.

Initiator of Change- Appreciation from Swadeshi

The "Make In NepalSwadeshi" movement is intended to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property, & build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure in Nepal. The marketing platform Swadeshi offers "Initiator of Change" recognition for the member companies. As Swadeshi very well knows the fact that, brands/companies can aid in bringing change faster as they have the power to reach such vast audiences. Further, in many cases, these brands own more trust than government officials and the press. Moreover, Swadeshi members are always directed to abide by laws of equality, stay fair to consumers, and bring money into the country.

5 criteria to fulfill to become Initiator of Change- Appreciation from Swadeshi

Now, we will know about the five criteria to get recognized as initiators of change.

Must be a registered company in Nepal

To become a  registered company in Nepal, a company needs to be in Nepal under the rules of the Companies Act. The certificate of registration must hold the registration number of the company, address of the company, and other details of the company. You can go for online or offline registration. All in all, to become a Swadeshi member, your company must be officially registered in Nepal.

Country of origin must be Nepal

Country of origin is the country with which a particular product or service is associated. The nation might be the country of manufacturing (COM) or the headquarters country (in the case of products). Product quality, performance, reliability, prestige, and are linked with the country of origin information. Swadeshi knows quite well that it's critical to ensure the product/brand owns the best possible consumer perception. As a result, to become a Swadeshi member, your company must have Nepal as the country of origin and must offer to promote the "Make in Nepal — Swadeshi" movement.

Grown in Nepal in case of agricultural products

Agriculture encompasses the production, processing, marketing, and distribution of agricultural goods. Nepal is a predominantly agricultural country, where agriculture plays a critical role in growing the national economy. Agriculture feeds Nepalese and offers jobs for a huge part of the people. If you want to become a Swadeshi member and your business is centered on agriculture or agricultural goods, your products must be grown in Nepal.

Minimum value addition in Nepal -20%

Value addition refers to the creation of competitive advantage by combining packaging features and benefits or through any other method that results in greater customer acceptance. In order to get a Swadeshi membership, your company must provide a minimum value addition of -20 %.

Must meet minimum requirements as determined by respective industry standards like NS, FDA, DDA, ISO etc.

Having a standard certification is important as it helps to recognize safety and high quality. Certification can be seen as a form of communication along the supply chain. This standard helps to efficiency, mitigate risks, consistency, uniformity, eliminate trade borders, and fulfill universal vendor requirements. Thus, to earn the initiator of change tag from Swadeshi, you must meet important certification of standards from NS, FDA, DDA, ISO, etc. In absence of pre-defined industry standards mentioned above, special committees of technical experts will determine eligibility.

What to do after criteria identification?

If you fulfill all these criteria, then proceed with filling out the form given on Swadeshi’s make in Nepal movement to express your interest in joining the movement. Right after getting your form, the Swadeshi team will contact you for further details to take the registration process forward. After approval from the operations committee, you will be eligible to use Swadeshi Logo. The authorized agencies will guide you on how to maintain brand guidance while using the logo on your products. You should renew your membership annually. 

So, if you're looking to contribute to the '' Make in Nepal — Swadeshi  '' movement, you can join the movement, and serve the people and nation.

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