Aja Dynasty Pvt. Ltd

Explore the Aja Dynasty, where every detail brings Nepal to life. Founded in 2019, we are a passionate group committed to bringing the essence of Nepal into your everyday life. We are more than just a brand. Since "Aja" means "today" in Sanskrit, it symbolizes our dedication to living in the here and now. And means Dynasty: Power, light, stability, and traditions. Our goal is straightforward yet profound: give the world the greatest items, proudly manufactured in Nepal, to help promote Nepal. We turn these treasures into stylish mementos, enabling you to create a timeless Aja Dynasty look for your life. Our offerings range from genuine clothing to stunning purses, beeswax candles, Lokta paper notebooks, and many more. Come celebrate with us in Nepal, where innovation and tradition collide and every day offers a chance to celebrate the diverse culture we treasure.

Aja Dynasty: The Dynasty of Today.

  • Type of Organisation : Home Decor & Furnishing
  • Address : Thamel, Kathmandu
  • Since : 2019
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Our product range is extensive from apparel and textiles to beeswax candles, lokta paper products, and many more. We are on the ground building relationships to source the best-representing Nepal proudly worldwide. All products are ecologically sustainable and made in Nepal. 

Products we have:

1. Purses

2. Beeswax Candles

3. Lokta Paper Notebooks

4. Bracelets

5. Necklaces


7. Keyrings

8. Cushion Covers

9. Tote Bags

10. Face and Body Scrubbers

11. Incense Sticks 

12. Candle Holder

14. Aroma Lamp