Cotton Care home

Cotton Care Home started in 2022 with the vision to  promote the Nepali cotton products. Though the brand is very new but we are the manufacturing company producing varieties of fabrics since more than 30 years. Hence, our products hundred percent cotton Nepali products are made from locally woven fabric. Cotton is very good for health regarding skin, it is cool in summer and warm in winter. We believe in promoting sustainable eco-friendly healthy life style. 


  • To promote Nepali products that could supports the local economy
  • To provide employment opportunities for local women

Our Process:

  1. Raw Materials: We receive our 100% cotton colorless thread in bulk
  2. Balling, looming, and Drafting: The natural color thread is then balled or loomed to make it ready for draft and after drafting finished then it goes to electric machine for weaving
  3. Weaving: The electric machine weaves in plain natural fabrics with the help of skilled human resource
  4. Dyeing/drying: The cotton fabric is boiled, washed, dyed and washed again before drying in the sun
  5. Printing: The design print with varied color goes on the color dyed or plain white fabric
  6. Sun dry and Heating: Printed fabric needs enough sun dry before heating in the machine
  7. Cutting and Sewing: The fabric cuts for different products eg; bedsheets in different sizes and then sewn by our hardworking women together to create our range of products
  8. Packing: Our products are then packed with transparent package after every single item runs through a strict check then the product shipped to our stores in Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Why our Products?

  • 100% cotton and azo-free dyes to color these fabric and print
  • Comfort
  • Pre washed no Shrinkage
  • No color discoloration
  • Own Vibrant designs but also welcome inquires on customized products and color options
  • Affordable price

  • Type of Organisation : Textile, Yarn & Fabrics
  • Address : Damkal chowk- Pulchowk Near by Sumeru saving and Credit, Lalitpur
  • Since : 2022
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Our Products:

  • Bedsheets
  • Duvet Cover
  • Cushion Cover
  • Floor Mat (Cotton Durry)
  • Curtains

Note: Each product customized design and sizes avilable