Glocal Academy of Skills

Glocal After School is a cloud-based e-Learning focusing live & recorded learning platform that intends to develop employability skills that help you in being market-ready.

Bringing stories of people who build up their story of achievement with failures & lot of efforts, then it started working in bringing out passion among young people and recognizing it. With all this process, Glocal realized the importance of Skills and Learning at different capacities and that led us in starting Glocal After School. We are dedicated in developing the skills among people by the use of various methods, events, courses and trainings. We aim to bridge the gap between industry and academia by curating and initiating different demand-oriented learning opportunities. We are now working at creating skilled human resources from wherever you are.

Adapting the new global learning techniques and strategies yet being local, (as our name suggests) we believe we can help people in learning and skilling. We help you in being market ready and assist you towards achievement, of course with your own effort. We are heading towards building the effective practice of learning among people by collaborating with our Online Gurus, Educational Institutes, Corporates and of course Learners.

  • Type of Organisation : IT & Service
  • Address : Bhanimandal, Ekantakuna
  • Since : 2017
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Welcome to our e-learning platform, where a diverse array of knowledge awaits you through our comprehensive online courses. Delve into the realms of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Psychology & Wellness for a profound understanding of critical issues shaping our world. Elevate your Personal Development journey and capture the beauty of life through our Photography courses. Enhance essential Life Skills and master the art of effective Communication. Navigate the ever-evolving world of IT & Software, explore cutting-edge Technology, and embrace the intricacies of Hospitality Education. Immerse yourself in the richness of Language, unlock the secrets of Business, and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. Unleash your creativity with our courses in Art & Design. Whatever your passion or pursuit, our curated courses cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching learning experience for all.