Arihant Multifibres Ltd.




A Greenfield operation , Arihant Multi-Fibres Ltd. was started with public participation in 1993 continuing the orgatraditins tradition and expertise in manufacture and trade of Jute. This company is the largest and most modern Jute Mills in Nepal equipped with the Latest Technology of Jute manufacture. Arihant Multi-Fibres Ltd. has all types of modern & quality machines manufactured & supplied by James Mackies & Sons, Belfast, Ireland. It has machines like Goods Spreader, Full Circular Finisher Cards, Mono Head DOM, S. G. Drawing Frames, A. D. Spinning. This unit is capable of processing 25000 M.T. of Jute Per Annum with strength of 4500 trained and efficient workmen and having a powerful visual management system. The company is largest single entity in the manufacturing sector. Presently we are manufacturing and started exporting our Jute diversified products like Jute Shopping bag, bottol bag, Promotional bag, Messenger Bag, home furnishings items.


Benefits of Jute

Jute is a bast fiber used for sacking, burlap, and twine as a backing material for tufted carpets. It is a long, soft, shiny fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is one of the cheapest natural fibers, and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses.


Jute is hundred percentage Bio-Degradable and recyclable therefore it is environmental friendly bag

Jute bag is high strength and breathable fabric.

Jute can be easily blended with other fibres it could be natural sythetics or wool.

Jute can retain high level of Moisturising.

Jute is cost effective comparing with synthetic geo-textile.

  • Type of Organisation : Textile, Yarn & Fabrics
  • Address : Duhabi-8, Sonapur, Sunsari, Nepal
  • Since : 1993
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Jute Hessians bag, Jute Sacking Bag, Jute Gunny Bag, Jute Yarn, Jute Twills, Jute Carpet apart from this regular items we have Jute Shopping Bag, Jute Promotional Bag,  Jute Fashion Bag, Jute bottle bag, Jute Messenger Bag, jute home furnishings products, jute packaging material and supplies, jute textiles, jute Yarns, jute fabrics etc.