AdMana Technology Pvt. Ltd

We are a company in the Ad Network industry with our own network of publishers and advertisers, through which you can display your product or services information to 3 - 3.5 million users of Nepal at " Your own Budget" for uplifting the brand value as well as for proper effective marketing.

 Beside this, we also provide Digital Release Assistance and 360 degree Marketing Solution.

  • Type of Organisation : IT & Service
  • Address : Radha Bhawan , Tripureswor
  • Since : 2018
  • Ad Network
    • Reach huge number of websites and its niche audience
    • Start advertising with low budget
    • Target based ads
    • Get Analytics Dashboard
    • Get banners reflected within few minutes in all websites
  • Other Services we provide:
    • 360 Degree Advertising
    • Digital Release