Sigma Refrigeration

Sigma Refrigeration is a renowned enterprise with over 25 years of expertise, specializing in the research, development, design, production, and sales of commercial Heating, Ventilating, Air conditioning, Cooling, and Refrigeration (HVACR) equipment and machinery. Throughout our journey, we have continuously strived to provide innovative, durable, and efficient solutions to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed clients.

Our extensive experience enables us to serve various industries, including Meat, Dairy, Health, Hotel, Banquet and Restaurant, Distillery, Brewery, and Agriculture. Not limited to the Kathmandu valley, we have been catering to clients all across Nepal.

Our success and progress are attributed to the unwavering support of our clients and well-wishers. We are committed to challenging the status quo and setting a benchmark in the HVACR industry within our country.

Currently, Nepal's GDP is heavily reliant on the service and agriculture sectors, with the industrial sector contributing only 13%. We recognize the challenges faced by our economy, including trade deficits and reliance on neighboring countries. To bolster the confidence in Made in Nepal products and curb the outflow of skilled individuals seeking opportunities overseas, we remain dedicated to providing reliable, locally produced HVACR machinery and equipment.

When Sigma Refrigeration was established 25 years ago, there were limited options for HVACR machinery, leading to heavy dependence on foreign products. Our initiation into domestic manufacturing addressed this gap, and though we encountered numerous challenges, we persevered in delivering innovative solutions tailored to local requirements. Our team of experienced professionals shares our vision and is committed to serving the Nepalese market.

As a developing country, Nepal faces numerous challenges, but we view each problem as an opportunity to make a positive impact on society. We are open to collaborations with individuals, institutions, and the government to collectively contribute to the nation's progress.

  • Type of Organisation : Agriculture and Farming
  • Address : Maitrinagar-2, Kathmandu
  • Since : 2050
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