Organizing events can often present challenges such as manual and time-consuming processes, limited reach and low attendance, lack of real-time data and analytics, communication difficulties, inefficient logistics management, and limited attendee interaction. However, EventsMo is here to provide a comprehensive solution. As an all-in-one event management platform, we offer a wide range of event-tech tools designed to create unforgettable experiences from start to finish. Our platform includes self-service registration and ticketing options, contactless check-in features, customized mobile apps, and converting websites, among other digital solutions. These tools not only enhance engagement and networking but also improve the overall attendee experience.

With EventsMo, we aim to bring people together through live events, whether it's conferences, trade shows, music festivals, or other gatherings. We have already powered more than 200 successful events in Nepal and continue to grow with more events in the pipeline. Our platform has been particularly effective in supporting recurring events, providing organizers with the tools they need to streamline their planning and execution.

  • Type of Organisation : IT & Service
  • Address : Sanepa
  • Since : 2022
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Sell tickets online & request RSVP
Create multiple event ticketing categories on your dashboard to create urgency & boost sales. Get a secured payment interface. Use EventsMo Host App for check-in during event. Send an RSVP request to a custom audience list via customized email/WhatsApp campaigns and funnel through the event attendance processes. Use EventsMo Host App for attendees check-in on the event day.

Attendee Engagement with Android, iOS and Web
Fuel your next event with consistent branding and boost your brand visibility to new heights with events inside the EventsMo container App or white-labeled event app for iOS, Android, and web. Event App brings your event to life in the palm of the hand, delivering an engaging experience that will leave attendees fulfilled, fully connected, and eager to come back for more.

Get real-time Event data & Insightful Analytics
Gain a whole new perspective on the impact of your event with the power of numbers. Build your event on the platform in less than an hour and proceed to measure attendee engagement, content relevance, sponsor ROI, and much more. After the event, export all data to your event CRM to leverage your findings in your daily work.